Elite Carries was an idea we have had for a long time. After we successfully opened and grew MasterCarries.com as one of the leading Destiny 2 help services around, we have decided to push our ourselves into helping players around the world achieve the same heights on Fortnite!

In short, we offer players from around the world a chance to play with and learn from better players. Whether this is from you wanting to learn more in the game or reach higher levels to unlock in game items and rewards. All of our players are of the highest rank every season and have competed in some of the biggest tournaments to date!

A recovery option means, we play your account for you. Generally this option will be cheaper across the board on all services, we do offer 'Play With Us' options and these services will generally be more expensive.

This is absolutely safe, we have completed over 9600+ orders on our main website MasterCarries.com. The management team and the our in game professionals are of the exact same calibre here!

We generally try to start all orders within 24 to 36 hours of placement. Once you have placed your order with us, you will receive a confirmation email/text, depending on which contact method you provided us with. You will then be placed into our que until one of our professional team can be assigned to you!